Alex Manos Beverly Hills Car Club

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Alex Manos Beverly Hills Car Club

Alex Manos Beverly Hills Car Club   is one of the world’s leading classic car dealerships, specializing in European and select American cars. Manos and his team buy, sell, and repair classic automobiles to provide their customers with unique, exclusive, and highly desirable vehicles for sale.

A native of London, Manos grew up immersed in automotive culture. This exposure fostered an appreciation for jaw-dropping classic European cars, especially those from Italy and Germany. This passion for classics eventually turned into a successful business venture, which he started in the early 2000s.

Behind the Wheel with Alex Manos: The Journey of a Classic Car Enthusiast and Business Mogul

His first vehicle was a 1962 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors, which he fully restored himself. This restoration experience helped him learn more about the nuts and bolts of these machines, giving him a more comprehensive understanding of their design and function. As a result, he is able to appreciate classic cars for their aesthetics as well as their mechanical integrity.

In the beginning, Manos and his team only bought a handful of cars per day to ensure they had a diverse selection. They also spent a lot of time searching for rare and exotic cars to add to their inventory. They now have an 85,000-square-feet showroom that houses over 200 cars.

Although BHCC is known for its vast and varied inventory, they’ve also been subject to a number of lawsuits. For instance, a customer named Bernard Parlange sued Alex and his company for selling him a 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 that was allegedly in poor condition. The customer claimed that the dealer violated California state law, which requires dealerships to perform safety inspections on vehicles before selling them.


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