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One inventive improvement to current safety equipment is tactile plates used in traffic control. The present invent applies to tactile plates used in traffic intersections to warn pedestrians, such as those with visual impairments, of an impending intersection or other potential dangerous area. The present invent also relates to magnetic signs used in traffic intersections to give information to drivers about where the next intersection is and for other purposes. In general, the present invent has applications in the areas of public safety, industrial and commercial, and security and control. In this article we will describe some of the technical characteristics of this safety equipment and some of the applications to which it may be put.

How to Select Visual Guide ( tactile Plates)

This safety equipment consists of interlocking brackets on which tactile plates are secured and one another is secured to a specific substrate by a magnetic clasp. The present invent describes various types of these devices that include magnetic and non-magnetic interlocking brackets that may be single, double, or tri-fold; may be made of metal, plastic, or a combination; and which are available in sizes from one inch to eighteen inches. The present invent also describes one example of this equipment, a magnetic interlocking bracket that may be used to provide information to traffic signal controllers.

Current systems typically use tactile plates to warn pedestrians about crossing zones or other dangerous areas, but these systems are often difficult for pedestrians to understand and can be confusing for drivers. One reason for this is that the symbols displayed on the plates do not easily translate from the Braille font used for the conveyor belt system, the tactile indicators on the belt that convey the information to the pedestrians, and the Braille symbols used for crossing signals. Another reason is that the text on the belt is difficult for some people to read, especially if they have low vision. Finally, Braille is often hard to read on new computer systems that are designed to replace older manual signages.


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