Jobs That Require An Electrician

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Electricians are a vital part of any new home or renovation. They are experienced in the installation and maintenance of electrical wiring, lighting, power points, switches, solar panels, alarm systems, heating, cooling and more. They are also highly trained in testing, servicing and repairing fire protection systems. They work diligently to ensure that their clients receive top-quality service and quality.

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Lighting is one of the most common jobs for electricians. They are often needed for new homes and renovations to wire all of the light fixtures, including LED lighting, security lighting around the house and outdoor lighting in a decked area or poolside. Heated towel rails and radiators, which are popular in European bathrooms, are also a great bathroom addition that requires an electrician to install the heater, a powerpoint for the towel rack and connect it all up. Link :

Another job for an electrician is installing a switchboard. This is the box that distributes electricity to your powerpoints and switches in each room. It also houses safety switches, RCDs (Residual Current Devices) and fuses. If you have an older property, like a worker’s cottage, terrace or Queensand heritage home it could be time to upgrade to a modern switchboard with all the latest safety features.

An electrician can help you turn your home into a smart home by installing integrated security systems, automated blinds and curtains, HVAC climate control and more. These are all managed via a central hub, app or device and can be controlled remotely.


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