Online Games in Italy

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Online games in Italy are popular among many people from different parts of the country. There are many different types of games to choose from and many of them are aimed at women. In fact, women make up about 10% of the overall gambling community, compared to 5% of men. This rapid rise is partly due to increased financial independence and increased freedom of movement among women, and partly due to increased advertising. The games that women enjoy most are the so-called “escape games,” such as slot machines, lotto, Bingo and Gratta e Vinci. These games represent a refuge from monotony.

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Some of the newest games will be available in siti casino online Italia portale, including popular titles from provider Scientific Games Corp. as well as a variety of poker variants. One game that Italian punters are most anticipating is Deal Or No Deal Live, a developer and operator joint venture. The game will have an Italian license and the potential to double the turnover of online games in Italy.

The Italian market has grown exponentially since 2003, making it one of the most gambling-friendly countries. The Italian population is also highly addicted to slot machines. In the year 2016, over 30 million people in Italy played some form of gambling, representing a 19 billion Euro annual net expenditure.


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