The Probiotic For Kids Story

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probiotic for kids

The probiotic for kids story

Your gut is home to trillions of microorganisms that break down food and strengthen your immune system. But it’s not just adults who benefit from a healthy gut–it’s also important for your child’s digestive and skin health.

Getting probiotic for kids through foods is the best way to boost their overall health and immune function. The most common probiotic-rich foods for children are yogurt, kefir, cheese and pickles.

The best probiotic for kids is one that has a variety of strains to target different conditions and situations. Ideally, your child’s doctor or pediatric dietitian can recommend the best probiotic supplement for your child’s specific needs.

Optibac Kids Gummies contains the highly-researched strain of friendly bacteria Bacillus coagulans Unique-IS2, which has been researched in hundreds of children and shown to support their immune system and digestion. It’s a great supplement to add to your child’s daily routine!

The Benefits of Probiotics for Kids: How They Can Improve Digestive and Immune Health

Keep in mind that probiotics are not regulated by the FDA. They can be a safe addition to your child’s diet, but always talk with your child’s doctor first and don’t give them to children under the age of two or the immunocompromised.

If your child has eczema, taking a probiotic may help reduce inflammation in the gut and improve skin sensitivity to allergens. It’s a great supplement to try before you try any topical ointments or medications, since it’s free of artificial flavors and dyes.

In addition to helping your child’s digestive and skin health, a probiotic can help reduce irritability and sluggishness. It may also help prevent and manage constipation in kids, a condition that affects a lot of young children.


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