Top 3 Acrylic Prints Companies

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Acrylic prints are a modern way to showcase your photo or art. They are a highly durable and high-quality option that will enhance any space.

How do you take care of acrylic prints?

Pictorem offers stunning custom acrylic prints, and they’re one of the top companies for acrylic printing in the US. With a wide range of size and shape options, as well as advanced printing modes, they can help you turn your photos into dazzling pieces of art that will be the envy of everyone who sees them. Go here

The best part is that they’re incredibly affordable and provide you with great customer service throughout the process! They also offer various backing and mounting options, including paper, Sintra, or DiBond.

Tru Life Acrylic is a top-quality acrylic sheet that offers superior optical clarity and vivid color reproduction. It’s also scratch-resistant and UV-protected to ensure your images last a lifetime.

There are a few ways to mount an acrylic print, but most of the time, you’ll want to use a frame or cleat system. This method is especially helpful for large, thicker prints that will need additional support and stability to avoid warping or bending over time.

BayPhoto is a popular site for custom photo prints, but they also offer a fantastic selection of acrylic prints as well. Their prints are backed on DiBond for extra protection, and they have several options for thickness, acrylic quality, and shape. They also offer polished or sanded edges for a truly eye-catching look.


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