Zipper Mattress Protector

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If you’re looking for a mattress protector that is waterproof and has a zipper closure, try the Room Essentials Zippered Full Mattress Encasement. Its durable vinyl construction is ideal for everyday use and storage. The zip closure allows you to easily remove the cover when needed. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. It’s perfect for camping or any other trip that you’ll be taking with your mattress.

How to Choose Zipper Mattress Protector

The zippered top style protects the top of your mattress from dust mites and bed bugs. The cover is easy to remove and can be washed. It’s particularly beneficial for people who have a history of bedwetting. The waterproof encasement design will keep your mattress dry while still protecting it from dust mites and allergens. It costs about $15 on Amazon. Depending on the material you choose, you may want to choose a fitted or zippered style.

There are several types of the zipped mattress protector. The first type, which is most popular, wraps around the mattress and is sealed with a strong zipper. This type of protector is best suited for frequent cleaning and is more comfortable for those who toss and turn. Another type, the fitted mattress cover, meanwhile, covers the entire surface of the bed and provides a tight fit. It protects the surface of your mattress from stains and prevents the growth of bed bugs.


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